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catholic-crossWe hope you like our new look and format – it was time for an update. Our goal is to bring our readers timely information on all fronts Catholic. In today’s ever evolving world of religion and spirituality we feel there is a need and a place for the Progressive Catholic Voice. As times change at such a rapid pace we cannot let the traditional Truths be overshadowed or obscured by contemporary interpretations.

At the same time it’s important to all congregants to be progressive and not get mired in the darkness of exhausted and dis-serving ideology. It’s a line that this author doesn’t have the wisdom to cross. So we at the Progressive Catholic Voice will report to our readers any topical information we feel would be of interest. You then decide what importance it plays in your relationship with the Church.

There is no denying that our world is subject to both rigidity and flexibility, but the Truth must remain clear of manipulations resulting from politics or individual human ego. Therefore, we will do our best to deliver topics that are pertinent to the faithful and to those who are questioning their stance with the Church of Rome. We all need to voice our joys and concerns as to how our modern Papacy delivers the Word according to its origins. We also need to recognize the way its been established and regarded through the eons of time. The goal of this site is to represent Catholics who have the desire of understanding more fully the Roman Catholic doctrine of our faith, while reporting the latest developments from modern societies that influence our religious overview.

As part of the Progressive Catholic Voice we invite your comments and insights as additions to our posts. Please feel free to participate from any and all perspectives.