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The Church and Homosexuality 2015

gay flag churchWhat is going on with the Church and their stance on gay marriage? Has it changed?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of equal rights for gays.  It starts with the right to marry and receive all the spousal benefits, celebrations, limo or party bus rides and general acceptance that one would receive in a traditional heterosexual marriage. 

These rights extend to include adoption and parenting along with equal access to assisted reproductive technology.  Naturally there is a lot of opposition from conservative political and religious groups, but where is the Roman Catholic Church going to plant its feet?

At this point homosexuality has been viewed from two angles within Catholic doctrine; firstly as an “objective disorder”, but not a sin if not acted upon.  Secondly, as an evil of the magnitude of a “moral disorder” if action is taken.  That’s enough to send any violator to eternal damnation if not repentant.  The Roman Catholic hierarchy has even campaigned against decriminalization in countries throughout the world.  They feel is is a civil crime as well as a crime against the purity of the soul.  Although this doesn’t speak for all the Church’s representatives, those who oppose Rome remain very quiet on the subject.

It is important to acknowledge that the Church does consider homosexuality as a cross to bear. It does not condemn the individual who has been “afflicted” with this “disorder”.  The rub comes in when the proclivity is acted upon.  While the Church teachings convey compassion, respect and sensitivity in these matters and does not condone mistreatment or physical punishment in any manner, it strongly closes it’s doors to the idea of acceptance.  One could even say they have their papal arms tightly crossed when it comes to moderate tolerance.  Zero tolerance for active gay lifestyles, while also considering all as God’s children.

Gay marriage is not even a remote consideration.  Marriage is a Divine sacrament for a man and a woman to procreate under the Laws of God.  This union is solely between the opposite sexes for the purpose of honoring the sacred act of procreation.

Here’s the thing:  A bell cannot be unrung. The world is beginning to accept LGBT – lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgenders more widely than ever before.  The times and attitudes are a’changin’.  That’s not to say that there aren’t places where you can still get your head lopped off for admitting to a homosexual act, but the open minded tolerance is beginning to spread organically worldwide.  Why? – Some would say it’s because homosexuality is not unnatural. Whoa!  Would you agree?

Let’s take a look at what just happened in the US with the legalization of gay marriage.

The people who wanted to marry a same sex partner are marrying out of love.  Love has been the driving factor in every interview aired.  Love. The other benefits are great, but not enough to get someone into a civil union alone.  It’s coming back to the freedom to love and express love to someone of your personal choosing.  Isn’t God LOVE?  So is there something wrong with holding back loving someone fully because the Church or state puts their own definition on what love is and mandates it by law?

Do you think that someday the Church of Rome will see through to the possibility that we are all God’s offspring no matter what?  Do you think the seven citations in the Bible regarding same sex partners should be re-interpreted?  What happens if we start re-interpreting the Bible to suit our trending desires?  This is a subject of many levels and great depth that goes back to ancient times.  It will probably continue to stir controversy and descent for those who would like to see the Church’s thinking come into the 21st century.  For now, the Law as a Progressive Catholic Voice sees it, stands strongly in opposition of changing, yet as strongly in the name of Love.

Please leave your comments below.  What do you think?  Will the Church ever crack it’s doctrine to the possibility of accepting the millions of homosexuals who have strong faith and an undying Love for God?

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